Ray & Tracy

When we decided that we wanted to build a new home we reached out to someone in the industry whose opinion we trusted, and they suggested we talk with Refined Edge.

We had never built a custom home before and really didn’t know what to expect but did have a clear picture on what we wanted and the wonderful thing about the Refined Edge team is… they listened.

We had two challenges as we saw it, budget and block shape. These challenges were overcome with ingenuity and respect and resulted is a home that has met every need and want we had, and more.

Refined Edge’s practice of opening client’s newly completed homes for a few weeks helped enormously in building our confidence as we could see not only the precision work but also the pride that was had in their work. Additionally, we were encouraged to visit work sites to see the quality of workmanship “unmasked” and this openness reassured us.

Having easy access to Mike and Erin in the design and selection days and the on-ground team during the build made the whole experience one we can honestly say we enjoyed. We never felt we were a bother, and we were invited to be part of entire process. Any concern we had no matter how small was listened to and acted on promptly. We’ve heard enough stories to know this is not a common practice.

Thanks team we are very happy in our beautiful new home.

Ray and Tracy