Lee & Carolyn

Our building journey started with us spending several years looking at numerous display homes and talking to various builders. Our block, whilst a good size, was not a typical shape, and we realised if we were to put a standard off the shelf home on it, we would not be able to maximise the block’s potential.

Early on in our search for a builder, a family member had recommended Brian Burke Homes. Whilst we knew of their outstanding quality and beautiful homes, we were also realistic that our budget wouldn’t stretch that far. By chance, after seeing an advertisement for Refined Edge, we called the office, and were put straight through to Michael Burke. He advised that Refined Edge used the same quality trades as Brian Burke, and that they could meet our budget and design requirements.

After several meetings, one of which was to spend time viewing some of their homes currently under construction at various stages of the build process, we felt that Refined Edge was the best builder to build our home. Not one other builder we spoke to offered us this opportunity to view their homes under construction!

Throughout the planning and design process, Daniel Cassettai and the Refined Edge team listened to our long list of requirements and wish list items. They were able to incorporate these, as well as come up with other fabulous ideas that we loved.

Throughout the build process, Mike and Erin were available to address any concerns we had, as well as suggest any minor changes that would improve the overall functionality or aesthetics of the home.

We are very happy with the end result, and the level of service provided even after moving in. Any minor issues have been addressed and rectified promptly.

Thanks to the Refined Edge team for creating our fabulous home!