Having enjoyed their first experience with Brian Burke Homes when building a stunning Bicton family abode 21 years ago, our clients didn’t think twice about picking up the phone to Mike Burke when pondering their next residential move.

Now at the next stage of life, they were looking to downsize to a single storey build with a more modest footprint, but they were hesitant to go with a project builder.

After viewing their block, Mike was thrilled to inform our clients that Refined Edge had recently been created and could meet and exceed their needs and budget with a completely customised home.

The design team created the clients the bespoke 316m2 single level house they had envisioned, encompassing three bedrooms, three bathrooms and open concept living areas.

With a modern industrial style overlaid onto clever orientation that draws in abundant natural light, the client’s new home prioritises security, privacy and has been designed to facilitate any care needs that may arise later in life.

Bicton New Home Front Elevation

Key Features

3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Single level downsizer
Secure and private design
Abundant natural light