Our clients do the talking

We are currently building with Refined Edge on a narrow (10m frontage) block in Mosman Park. When we first became aware of Refined Edge, we had been researching builders for a number of months, and had resigned ourselves to the belief that, within our budget, we were going to have to settle for a sub-optimal off-the-plan design. A friend, who had previously built an award-winning home with Brian Burke Homes, recommended that we speak with Refined Edge and for this we will be eternally thankful.

From the very start, we were impressed by the fact that our first point of contact was Managing Director, Mike Burke, whose passion for building and clear desire to ensure that we got the home that we wanted was a stark contrast from the salesmen from other firms that we had been in discussion with. What was also a refreshing contrast at this initial meeting, and indeed throughout the entire process, was Refined Edge’s understanding of our tight budget. Again, this served as a contrast from the other builders with whom we had spoken to previously; rather than feeling that we were being upsold at every decision point, we have consistently felt that we are working in a close partnership with Refined Edge to fit as much design and value into our home as possible within our budget.

Possibly the greatest example of this was the fact that Refined Edge were able to offer an architect-designed home at the same price-point as the off-the-plan options we had viewed previously. This initial design phase of our project was outstanding. Based on our very first meeting, the architect was able to almost exactly capture the function and aesthetic that we desired in our home, and produced an initial concept that required very little further modification. Even though we were delighted by the plan at the time, it was not until the build was underway that we truly began to see the genius in the design; the ability to maximise light and interior flow within the constraints of our narrow block are amazing, and something that we would definitely not have achieved with the off-the-plan designs we had considered previously.

In addition to architect design, Refined Edge also included a number of premium features as standard, within the quoted price. This included air conditioning, glass balustrades, alarm system and rectified tiles, all of which had been quoted as extras by other builders we had spoken to. Erin Ellul, our client liaison, was outstanding in helping us with these, and all other, design selections, rapidly responding to all our queries, and accompanying us for all key meetings.

The build process has, likewise, been excellent. Our site supervisor, Ryan Winston, is a consummate professional who has very clearly articulated each step of the process and worked extremely closely with us to ensure that each milestone is met efficiently. Not once have we been surprised by additional charges or hidden costs; Ryan has worked through all build options extremely clearly and transparently, at all times remaining cognisant of our budget. In fact, rather than trying to upsell options, Ryan and Mike have consistently looked for creative ways to achieve the finish that we want in the most economical manner possible.

One of the most impressive examples of this occurred as we were deciding on our landscaping. Karren and I had organised an external landscape consultation, and Ryan made himself available for this process, which took a full morning. The fact that he was there throughout the entire consultation meant that he knew exactly what we wanted in our landscaping, and was able to offer solutions to work towards this design within our budget. He was also able to offer considered recommendations on what aspects of the landscaping we should include in the initial build, and what would be able to be added on at a later stage, which again greatly assisted our budgeting.

And, perhaps most impressively, none of this has come at the expense of build quality and craftsmanship. It is clear that Refined Edge demand the highest standards of their tradesman and subcontractors, and the quality of work on our house reflects this completely.

In all, we have found our engagement with Refined Edge to be overwhelmingly positive. The key element that underpins this is trust; based on every interaction that we’ve had to date, we trust the team at Refined Edge explicitly and truly believe that we are on the same team when it comes to achieving the home we want. This trust has meant that we have not once had to worry about whether corners are being cut, or whether we are being overcharged, or the overall quality of our build. This has resulted in us finding the entire design and building process exciting, stress-free and enjoyable. When we compare our experience to the horror stories of some of our friends, we feel extremely lucky to have chosen Refined Edge to build our outstanding home.

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