Our clients do the talking

We love to let our clients do the talking, so we asked Wendy & Gary to share their story with us. Their home is currently under construction in Woodlands.

“Having previously built a number of homes we know what to look for when choosing a builder. We know what quality workmanship and customer service look like. After making the decision to build one more house we wanted to get it right.

Refined Edge was our builder of choice for our dream and final home for three key reasons.

Firstly, we wanted a builder where design and individuality are paramount; secondly, we wanted a builder that builds the highest quality homes; and thirdly, we wanted a builder with a great reputation and commitment to customer service. We also required all of these within a budget.

We looked at all the regular building and architecture companies and options and could find elements of our three requirements – but there always seemed to be a shortfall in one of our deliverables. As we are planning to live in our home for many years, we didn’t want to have to battle with the builder to ensure quality workmanship and we didn’t want to compromise on design – we just wanted it to happen seamlessly.

We have been so thrilled with what Refined Edge have delivered.

In regards to design and appreciating the work of Donald Wexler – we wanted to encapsulate our own version of Hermosa in Palm Springs. We also wanted an Australian modernist approach – making each space count and using materials in an interesting way. The block was a corner site and we didn’t want to be ‘walled in’. We wanted our neighbours to be able to appreciate the architecture. We also were mindful of doing it all on a budget.

In consultation with Refined Edge – all of our elements were met through the design process, with the builder listening to our ideas, making suggestions to improve practicalities and sustainability requirements, yet staying true to the brief. This ‘can do’ attitude is exemplified on our choice of brick, a new product with an unusual profile – which we are sure sent the bricklayers and our supervisor ‘spare’ when deciding the best way to lay and integrate them within the house – the look is stunning and such a feature. This is one example there are another 20 examples of where individual design has been incorporated to use materials effectively and yet is mindful of the budget.

In regards to workmanship – we are fortunate to have highly skilled tradesman in all areas, carefully selected and supervised by the builder – the tiling in the bathroom – on the feature wall is just one example of the master tradesman at work. As is the plastering, painting and carpentry with too many examples to list them all.

Evidence of the fabulous customer service and the value of a great reputation is demonstrated by our own enjoyment of the building process. The strong focus on customer service from our client liaison Erin through to our building supervisor Ryan is very evident. We are made to feel totally at ease and supported. Suggestions quickly become reality and the build has been flexible enough to incorporate our ‘what do you think of moments’ such as, ‘we love the breeze blocks lets add some to the letter box’. All of this works because Michael Burke is a master builder and we are very fortunate that through Refined Edge we have been able to access the skills and knowledge of Mike.

It is not just us who is thrilled with the build, our close and ‘down the street’ neighbours excitedly watched the build. Admiring the design and in awe of how clean, tidy and courteous all the site workers have been. With comments from the neighbours, as they walk past with the dogs, ‘we have never seen a building site like it – so neat and tidy’, ‘The design is awesome – we love those bricks!’.

Finally, Refined Edge has built us a home that is for the 21st Century yet will still be standing in the 22nd Century. It encapsulates the best of modernist design and combines this with master craftsman and builders and outstanding customer service. Our home is built to last and we love it. We plan on spending many years enjoying the quality design and workmanship – and consider ourselves very fortunate to be a client of Refined Edge – congratulations on an exceptional build. For us, Hermosa has come to Woodlands. ”

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