IN THE PRESS: Professional service gives company a clear edge

Location and lot size were priorities for Glenis Bray and her husband Charles, who recently moved into their new Refined Edge home in Subiaco. Mrs Bray said the entire building process was stress-free and very professional.

“We chose Refined Edge to build the house because of the company’s reputation for quality work, which we discovered was well warranted,” she said.

Mrs Bray said both the builder and architect listened to what she and her husband wanted, which was extremely reassuring.

“There was nothing scary whatsoever about the building process,” she said. “We weren’t pressured into building a larger home or persuaded to include any additional rooms we were unlikely to use, such as retreats or activity rooms or fourth bedrooms.”

Mr and Mrs Bray purchased the 220sqm lot a year before construction began.

“We liked the location of the block and also the smaller lot size,” Mrs Bray said.

Planning began in April 2017, construction commenced at the beginning of October 2017 and handover took place in November 2018.

Mrs Bray said she did not believe any particular room needed more design attention than another.

“We couldn’t be happier with our new house,” she said. “The whole ground floor is essentially one large open living area, and from our perspective it is a very successful space.”


19 Jan 2019