IN THE PRESS: Luxe inclusions in demand

Features traditionally exclusive to multi-million dollar homes have become increasingly popular among people with smaller budgets, according to a local builder, with more and more Perth houses containing luxuries such as wine cellars and elevators.

According to Brian Burke Homes Group Managing Director Mike Burke, premium features including underfloor heating, double-glazed windows, commercial grade kitchens, ducted vacuums and step-free flooring are becoming more prevalent in the $750,000 to $1.5 million price range than in years gone by.

Mr Burke said he had noticed an increase in the demand for luxury elements in homes within this price range since his business launched its Refined Edge brand in 2015, catering to people looking to spend under $2 million on building a house.

He said lavish additions had not necessarily become less costly to include, but many buyers were beginning to prioritise them over space-heavy houses to make their home lives more comfortable and convenient.

“Of course, advances in technology help to reduce prices, but the focus is more on people wanting homes that are designed to suit their lifestyle,” he said.

“When you have a flexible design and can cut back on things like floor size, you can put money towards things like ducted vacuuming to make cleaning easier.

“You also have lifts becoming more prevalent as people, particularly if they have a home with a view, want an upside-down home where the living area is upstairs.

“A lift makes it easier for people to carry the shopping up and not have to worry about stairs, for instance.

“Buyers are also after homes that don’t have steps when you transition from the inside to the outside, which a lot of our older clients prefer.

“A lot of engineering goes into homes without steps because you have to make sure there’s drainage under the door. It’s a lot of work.”

Mr Burke said while a lot of these elements were traditionally considered luxuries, more people were beginning to think of them as necessities, making them less of a wish-list item and more of a must-have.

He said he felt higher consumer demand and more suppliers entering the home construction market had also contributed to making desirable features affordable to an even wider demographic.