IN THE PRESS: Future focus a step change

The couple were looking for a home to suit their current and future needs, and after deciding apartment living was not for them, Mr and Mrs Lewis decided to build their brand-new home on a 631sqm block.

What prompted you to build, rather than buy established?

We have built three homes now, and we’re at a stage of our lives where we needed to live in a single-level home. We thought about what we needed and designed a custom home to suit our older age.

What was your favourite part of the building process and why?

It’s always exciting to see the slab go down. In this particular case it was more so, as we put under-floor heating in the concrete slab. It was exciting to be here to see it happening and to see how it worked. The finishing processes both inside and outside were also very pleasing. To see all the decisions you made and all your ideas come to fruition is fascinating.

Before the build began, what was your vision for the home you wanted to create?

In terms of aged care, we needed a home with no steps or lips inside or outside the house, wide doors, a security system, and a room for the grandchildren or a carer in the future if required. We also need plenty of light and high ceilings, as well as an easy-care courtyard and low maintenance gardens.

What advice would you give someone looking to build?

You need to do your homework. We knew what to expect, but for first-time builds, you really need to do your homework and visit the builder and product displays too.

If you could do it all over again, is there anything you would do differently?

It is a bit early to tell. Probably not anything right at the moment because we’ve only been in the house eight weeks.

I think no matter how many times you build there will always be something you could improve on.