Face to face the difference

When building your new home, there are a lot of exciting decisions to be made. During this time it’s imperative that you have a team of building and design experts to guide you through every step of the way.

For our team, it’s all about taking the stress out of the building process and ensuring expectations are met. We believe choosing to build a new home with us should be the best decision our clients make and the most enjoyable process – at the end of the day they get to enjoy the end product….a beautifully designed and crafted new home. And potentially our next award winning home.

In my role as Building & Construction Manager, I oversee every single step of the building process from start to finish and beyond, being the point of contact for our clients during construction and once they have moved into their new homes.

I have found that our clients really appreciate the opportunity to meet with me in person, on the site of their new home, on a regular basis throughout the building process.  I can walk them through the progress in person and also answer any questions they may have at the time.

Maintaining regular contact with our clients has so many benefits. Taking the stress and hassle out of the building process is a big one, but also being able to attend to the little touches is another.

Just the other day we were able to add in anchor point in the roof beams so our clients could easily hang the punching bag in their new gym once the home was completed. It’s little things like this that make a big difference to our clients.

It also allows them to experience the attention to detail that we are so well known for. Many people when they build aren’t privy to knowing what’s going on from a construction point of view so when we offer our clients this insight throughout the build of their new home, they find it really re-assuring and it gives them the confidence in knowing they are getting the best quality home.

Ryan Winston

Building & Construction Manager